How to Clean Your Windows

Nearly everyone knows how much of a hassle it can be to clean up windows. Every homeowner wants windows that can allow a glimpse of what is going on outside – minus the streaks and stains obstructing the view.

how to wash windows

However, few are able to tackle the job in a proper way. With the use of the best techniques and tools, the job can be much faster and easier. Check out some of the steps to clean your windows up.

Supplies and Tools

You need to have all the right tools to be able to clean your windows. You should at least have a cleaning solution, cleaning cloth, rag, sponge and a cleaning bucket.

It is definitely advisable that you have a window scraper, scrubbing wand and a window cleaning squeegee. It can be really assistive for you.

Prepare the Solution

Pour warm water into a dishpan or bucket, and fill it up to the brim. Add a small quantity of the detergent that you prefer. You may even use any window cleaning solution, or a mixture of water and vinegar.

Remove the Screen

Taking the screen off the window might appear to be first arduous task, but will no longer be an issue if you have the right tools at your disposal. You will generally have to unscrew all that is screwed.

Inspect your Windows

Before you start cleaning your windows, you have to inspect them in a proper way. Get rid of any excess dirt from the window sill and window, as well as any cobwebs that you can find. Look for cracks, bits of paint, scratches etc.

It will let you have a proper idea of how hard you need to scrub or whether you have to put your window scrapper to work. You need to dust the inner side of the frame and the windowsill, and ensure that the windows do not have any blemish.

Scrub the Window

You have to first get your cleaning sponge wet in the cleaning solution. Make sure that you squeeze out all the excess amount of water. Begin to scrub at the edges and go on washing, moving in circles towards the center of the windows. Y

ou might need to use a chemical solvent or a scrapper in case you find rigid debris that refuse to come off.

Dry the Window

Use a squeegee, a newspaper or a paper towel to dry your window. Begin from an upper corner to dry the window. Drag down the cleaning tool straight. Each of your strokes needs to move in the same direction, and go on from a side of the window to another.

In case you use a squeegee, after every stroke you should wipe the blade in an attempt to avoid streaks. Finish the process by using a dry, clean cloth or just letting them get dried.

Dry the window in a proper way so that you can be assured that the window sill or frame cleaning has been carried out thoroughly.