When to Replace Your Windows

Well-designed windows have a big role to play in improving the curb appeal of your home, admit more natural light into the rooms and raise the energy efficiency.

replace your windows

In case your windows are damaged and run-down, it will not just lead to security problems, but can also affect your home’s overall comfort. It is important to know when your windows have to be replaced.

There are plenty of obvious signs that can tell you clearly when it is time to replace your windows.

Rise in Energy Bills

Stand next to the windows on a cold day. Do you feel cooler than other areas of your house? This is not just uncomfortable, but can be a big wastage. Grab a burning incense stick or candle and move it slowly around every corner of your window.

If the smoke moves or the flame flickers, drafts are coming in through the windows. Touch the glass of the windows. In case you feel the glass to be cold to touch, you can be assured that the warm air coming from your furnace will get cooled as soon as it approaches a few feet of the windows. Your furnace will have to work more to keep your rooms hot during the winter months.

No Smooth Window Operation

Walk around the home and try to close every window, to check whether there is seamless operation. If it needs a small amount of pressure or force to open or in case they have swollen shut or painted, you have to get them replaced.

Wooden windows can be especially prone to this problem. Ideally, you should not break into a sweat while trying to open your windows. They should close and open easily.

Leaky Windows and Decaying Frames

Decaying frames are one of the surest signs that you have to replace the windows. Given that wooden window frames are constantly exposed to moisture, these can start taking a hit. The accumulated damage to moisture can also lead to more acute decay in the future, which can lead to acute safety issues.

In case you find signs of decay in your window frames, it is a sure signs that your windows require an immediate upgrade. You might also find that your windows at home are leaking, a problem that is referred to as leaky windows.

In a few cases, the leak might be bad enough to cause an accumulation of water on the floor.

More Noise Coming In

Stand by the window quietly and wait for a vehicle to drive by. Do you hear sound coming from the street down below? Single or even dual pane windows will transfer audio vibrations into your home from the street.

Before long, there will be all sorts of noise coming in and you will be forced to forget all the quiet and peace that you had hoped for. It is essential to replace the existing windows with new ones, which come with soundproofing. The best windows that are energy efficient would soak up all the audio waves before they come into your house.